Todays Off-Site Adventure has been moved from Marble Park to inside the library due to weather.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Winneconne Area Community Foundation, the Winneconne Public Library is now able to circulate mobile Wi-Fi hotspots to its patrons.

For those not familiar with hotspots, a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot converts data from a cellular tower into a Wi-Fi signal, enabling a patron’s device to connect to the Internet free of charge, as data charges are paid by the library via a special unlimited data plan offered to public libraries from Sprint. Devices can be used anywhere that a cellular data signal can be reached: at home, on vacation, in a park, at the beach, camping in the woods, etc.

The library devices are available to anyone 16 years or older with a library card in good standing. There is no charge to borrow the devices or to use the unlimited data. Devices must be picked up at the Winneconne Public Library service desk and returned to the Winneconne Public Library customer service desk when the loan period has ended.

Holds may be place on hotspots, however, the pick-up location must be the Winneconne Public Library. One of the five circulating hotspots will be a Lucky Day item, so even if all the other devices are on hold, there is still a chance that you could walk into the library and find one on the shelf, immediately available for checkout. The hotspots will circulate for a two-week loan period and the fine will be $5/day for each day overdue.

The library has ten devices in all. During the school year, five of the devices will be made available for students and teachers to check out directly from the middle and high school libraries, while the other five remain with the public library. In the summer, all ten devices will be available for circulation to the public.

Perhaps you’re planning a summer camping trip or maybe a graduation party in the park, and you don’t want to miss out on the convenience of internet connectivity. Place your hold on one of the library’s hotspots now to ensure that you can use the service when you most need it. 4-6 devices can connect to a hotspot at the same time.