Attention: Tammy Borden Special Book Club Scheduled for Wednesday May 15th has been RESCHEDULED for Wednesday June 22nd. 


“To promote and extend library use, assist the librarian, and provide additional programming.”


    1. Fundraising: Organize events, book sales, or donation drives to raise funds for library programs, acquisitions, or renovations.

    2. Advocacy: Advocate for the library’s needs within the community and with local government officials to ensure continued support and funding.

    3. Community Engagement: Plan and host community events, such as author talks, workshops, or reading clubs, to promote literacy and engage community members.

    4. Volunteer Recruitment: Recruit and organize volunteers to assist with various library activities, such as shelving books, helping with events, or tutoring programs.

Current Officers:

  • President: Tina Koch
  • Vice President: Colleen Kutchin
  • Secretary: Jillian Eigenberger
  • Treasurer: Brenda Volkman

Previous Officers

  • President: Stephanie Bongert¬†