Todays Off-Site Adventure has been moved from Marble Park to inside the library due to weather.

The Winneconne Public Library offers free access to books, videos, music content in a variety of formats. In addition to popular materials, the library offers access to electronic databases through BadgerNet. We also provide a wide range of educational and entertaining programs for patrons of all ages. Internet computers and free wireless access are available to the public during regular library hours. Please see our schedule of events for up to date information about library programs and services. Attempts will be made to accommodate people with disabilities upon request.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to inform, enrich, empower, and thereby improve the overall quality of life for every person in our community by creating and promoting easy access to a vast array of resources, ideas and information, and by supporting an informed citizenry, lifelong learning and love of reading. We acquire, organize and provide books and other relevant materials, ensure free access to additional informational sources through the Winnefox Library System, and serve our public with expert and caring assistance, reaching out to all members of our community.

Statement of Purpose

  1. The Winneconne Public Library will be a pivotal provider of popular materials in a variety of media-rich formats.
    1. The Library will contain an organized collection of books, audio/visual and electronic materials to serve the community.
    2. The Library will be a primary source of reliable information and recreational reading for the people it serves.
    3. The Library will provide materials that are valued by the community and result in library use and involvement from a broad spectrum of residents.
    4. All patrons will have free and equitable access to information and resources.
  2. The Winneconne Public Library will establish a caring, welcoming and lively center for cultural enrichment and lifelong learning.
    1. The Library will promote an enlightened citizenry through educational and literacy-enriching programs for patrons of all ages.
    2. Programs and services will continue to reflect the importance of literacy development, cultural heritage, and community-mindedness.
    3. The Library will develop collaborative partnerships with community groups to enhance services and meet the needs of patrons both at the library and throughout the community.
    4. The Library will act as a social center of the community to enrich the lives of the citizens in its service area, where individuals of common interests and goals can make connections with each other and area organizations, and groups can commune for a variety of purposes.
  3. The Winneconne Public Library will provide free and equitable access to technological tools and electronic resources.
    1. The Library will make computers, Internet access and other electronic resources available to the public as deemed valuable and necessary by the library’s service population.
    2. The Library will provide appropriate technology as it becomes available to extend, expand and enhance services to ensure that all users have the tools necessary to meet their ever-changing needs as technologies advance.
    3. The Library will provide continuous instruction in the use of computers and developing technologies.
  4. The Winneconne Public Library will provide friendly and responsive customer service to all patrons at all times.
  5. The Winneconne Public Library will cooperate with the Wis. Dept. of Public Instruction, Division for Library Services and will submit such reports and records as are required in Chapter 43 of the Wisconsin State Statutes and the Division’s Administrative code.
  6. The Winneconne Public Library will participate in the Winnefox Library System established under Section 43.19 of the Wis. State Statutes and approved by the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors. This participation will provide access to unlimited resources throughout the state, specialized professional personnel assistance, and cooperative arrangements at suitable classes and workshops, as approved by the library director or the Library Board.