Summer Reading Program Prize Slideshow

Slide Show for Read to Myself (6-12 Year-old bracket)!

Winneconne Public Library Summer Reading Program will operate a little differently this year, in order to serve our library patrons in the most positive and safe manner.

To that end, our reading incentive program will operate by use of Reader Zone, a minute and book-tracking app, which will replace the reading log booklets that we normally distribute.

As the administrator on Reader Zone, Children’s Librarian Amanda will track our awesome readers’ minutes and books being read, through the duration of June 1st – August 10th.

Provided that we are open to the public by the end of the summer, on August 17th, we will start inviting families to come to the library in person, tally up their reading minutes with Amanda, and receive their book bucks to spend. Kids may then use the book bucks to purchase smaller items or purchase chances to win the big-ticket items, choosing to place the drawing slips in the baskets of their choosing.

We will do this for two weeks, pulling winning drawing slips on Monday, August 31st!

Miss Amanda put this slide show together, to give Read to Myself participants (6-12 year old bracket), an idea of some of the prizes that they can expect to win this summer!

More information regarding the Read to Me (0-5 year old bracket), and Teen/Adult prizes coming very soon!

Reader Zone sign-up information coming soon, so stay tuned...

Read to Myself SRP Prize Slideshow