Loan Periods and Check Out Limits

7 days  DVD/Video                            Limit 7 per card

7 days New DVD/Video                    Limit 1 per card

14 days New Books                            Limit 2 per card

14 days Magazines                              No limit

14 days Music CD                              Limit 7 per card

28 days CD ROM                               Limit 2 per card

28 days Books, Audio Books             No Limit

  • Patrons are limited to 75 checkouts per card at any given time.
  • Interlibrary loans are due the date indicated by the lending library.
  • Books may be renewed once if there is not a waiting list for the title.
  • Current issues of periodicals do not circulate.

The director may establish the loan period for special collections, materials which are temporarily in great demand, such as for student projects, or materials added to the collection which are in a new format, e.g., computer software.